New Hip Hop Singles From The Underground

Published on 7 May 2023 at 10:25

New singles found throughout the Underground Hip Hop metaverse. Enjoy!




Bo Faat brings a major heater in the form of a cypher "Got Ya Six" featuring Street Da Villain, G Fam Black, Crotona P, Kenneth Masters, Jus P, and Thrust OG. Many of the usual people he works with bringing some lyrical power with each artist bringing their version of their best selves. They really all help each other raise the bar on each other's performances. Check it out!

The bass drum is dope on this beat for the single "Internet Thugz" by Street Da Villain. Street teams up again with his bro M Doc Diego to deliver a menacing flow over this phantom of the opera themed monster produced by the villanous Phow Slurz Productions. Don't sleep!

This is a second single off the forthcoming album The Green Ouroboros by Cee Gee & Deuce Ellis, Hosted By DJ J-Ronin. This track also features Planet Asia and Tragedy Khadafi. It is legendary artistry by some legendary artists. Don't miss this one!



Three singles from Grimewav, kinda late on this one but it doesn't change that all three singles are dope. "Rumble In The Bronx" featuring Enels, Frank White.Bx, and Hanzo Bladez with Enels on the beat. 


"Double Up" featuring Frank White.Bx and Hanzo Bladez with Mira Manny on the beat with this one. 

Lastly, we got "Acid Reign" with Enels and Reignmakers produced by Enels. Check it out! These are all dope fire songs in their own right so don't sleep.

MIke Titan and Tali Rodriguez bring you two singles off their new project "The New Gods 2". First one is "The God.Wav" featuring  Fortified Mind and Perro Lo.

Lastly, we got "Darkseid of the Moon" featuring Bobby Craves, Feral Serge, and Whichcraft. Don't sleep on this shit, a review on "The New Gods 2" coming tomorrow.



A slower joint but aggressive all the same. Mike Titan & Tali Rodriguez come hard with this one along with their features, GeneralBackPain and G Fam Black. Bullets spray as these people came to delete the game. Don't miss out on the first single from the new project "New God II" coming at you on 8/31. Check it out!

XP The Marxman brings you another high powered headshot to the dome piece with his new single "Lyrically". It's more of a reflective and track laced with deep thoughts, observations, and experience. Check it out!



RUSTE JUXX and PREED ONE release their second single titled "UNIFIED FRONTLINE," off their upcoming EP (Title TBA).

Veteran producer PREED ONE reaches into his bag of heatrocks as usual and lays down a grimy foundation of hard hitting drums over gritty sample chops, that blend with RUSTE's raw hardbody steez magnificently. "UNIFIED FRONTLINE'' is a powerful, stand your ground anthem that empowers and encourages a unification of the people to stand up as one in unison against the powers that be. With RUSTE JUXX leading the way, they both join forces with DJ TMB, who provides a lethal scratch hook over the PREED ONE heater to seal the deal. This is Hip Hop music at it's finest. Check it out!

Paradime brings a boom bap single out that is masterfully produced by the always godly Apollo Brown. It's an aggressive inferno with a lyrical experience that scorches like a war torn city. They don't hold back on their hardcore city mentality marking that any of these dudes, Paradime, Marvel One, and Ty Farris aren't people that you want to step to on the mic. Check it out!

Bo Faat is easily one of the better producers in the underground Hip Hop scene. Listen to this one and find out why, it's a great single for everyone to listen to if you wanna know what Boom Bap Hip Hop is all about. The MCs featured on this track are Hus Kingpin and Eddie Kaine with cuts by DJ Erex. Don't sleep and check this out!

Grave Wax Music at it again with their potent interpretation of classic New York style Hip Hop. Donny G comes at you with the first verse and the production and he just bodies this beat. Same with Emerg Da MC he comes second and spits highly skilled rhymes ansld schemes on the joint. Marz One comes last and aggressively approaches this with well calculated pen strokes and verbal acrobatics showing you that each of these MCs are always up for the challenge when they drop on a beat. They are all distinctively different than each other but together they form a force that can't be touched. Check it out!



UVA Side drops a dope single with Errol Flynn on the beat. It talks about the hard lessons that we learn from our life mainly the ones because of our stubbornness. All in all a dope track, check it out!

XP the Marksman and Kahlee bring you this high-powered scheme and lyrical experience over the DK beat. Tone Spliff adds in his untouchable cuts making this track a dope addition to the new "Neo Boom Bap" movement that is happening in the underground, check it out!

This a new hardcore single by Street Da Villain featuring Gustavo Louis that's produced by Sinamatik. It's that raw subject matter about two artists you don't want to mess with, nahmean? Check it out!



A dope single off "The Science Projex" by Jester Exodus featuring Urban Legend, Blood Redd, and Taiyamo Denku with the CeeLo Green type outro. It's a banger about a topic that never goes away, there is always fake thugs out there; people that aren't real with themselves or their image. Check it out!

A godly single bringing you that real New York legendary artists that are huge players in Hip Hops metaverse and with all this metaverse talk, they let you know that Hip Hop is real life not a metaverse. Marvel and internet metaverse are for sure different and they letting you know. But I am letting ou know, Hip Hop is a metaverse and there are levels to this shit. Fredro Starr and DoItAll are on a whole other level. They like Wolverine and Spiderman on the track and Snowgoons like Professor X putting this shit together with their production. Appreciate it, nahmean? Check it out!



Boston emcee's Bugsy H. and Matticz connect with production team The Nerds Music Productions for a new gritty gem in "Time To Expand." The joint intertwines laid back sample production with a cinematic street tales vibe, complete with Scarface clips as the hooks. Check it out now on all platforms!

We got a single from a production collab of Cee Gee and Deuce Ellis with undergeound heavy hitter legends, Ras Kass and Skyzoo. Check it out!



Open Mike Eagle has been on here from features time before, this is the first time we covering one of his original pieces. This single is lit, featuring Eshu Tune, Video Dave, and still rift. The production is dope af with some dope samples and going in and out of the walls of sound that were put up to back this lyrical bombardment with MCs that all have that top-tier action needed to be a good MC on the Boom Bap landscape. This track is produced by Kenny Segal (first timer on here as well along with all the features on this track too). Check this fly shit out! Where the real Hip Hop Heads at? The project, "another triumph of ghetto engineering" that this single is on drops August 25th, so don't forget to cop that.

New dope single from Big Dese and Mike Martinez. Big Dese brings those aggressive flows that is always spraying bullets where he claims he's a great like "Larry Bird". Mike Martinez is always on point when it comes to his beats, this one is triumphant and confident matching Big Dese's personality and performance on the mic. Check it out!



Thrust OG & Bo Faat drop another single that is a part of their next project "Soljah State Of Mind" which is panning out to be a dope collection of songs. I think this one might be more potent than "Broken Arrow" (their last full project together). I think with this single he has developed a nice vibe around good lyrics and smooth schemes. Check out "Tha Vibe"!

Portarok is at it again using producer iLLShepard to produce this aggressive Hip Hop song that also features Grone Da Radical. MCs gonna need a kevlar vest with these killers on the loose. Check it out!

A potent single that is aimed to "Set It Off", where each MC involved fires all their weaponry on the targetted beat by Sinamatik. The four MCs on the track all reside in New York and are kings in their own right; M Doc Diego, Sauce Yin, Crotona P, and Street Da Villain. With singles being a big part of the success in the current underground movement, this one is a great offering to Hip Hop Heads everywhere, check it out!



An unreleased single by Portarok produced by iLL Shepard featuring WarCloud. It has chill vibes because of the beat but the lyrics are tough and well performed by both on the track. Swords drip with blood, gun barrels are hot and still smoking, and fists "all bloody from punching on the concrete". Check it out! 

Law 24- The perfect courtier.
Anyone familiar with the 48 laws of power knows of this law. If you don't do your research and you'll probably get a good idea of what the meaning of this album truly is. This has been a mission of mines for over close to 3 years when I thought up this idea. 8 songs 8 letters in my name.Full collaborative album no solos on this particular project but I guarantee you nothing but top lyricism from every single sought out artist in this one. This project will be fully prod by Lob of the U.K. and will be released track by track every two weeks for the next 16 weeks. This will not be one of those projects where you listen to one or two songs and forget about it. This is a slow cooked meal. This single features Slik Jack, P-Ro, G Fam Black. It's dope so check it out!



Smif-N-Wessun, also known as Cocoa Brovaz and Tek-N-Steele, are back with a new single that pays homage to their stomping ground, BKNY.

Together with fellow Brooklynites DJ Total Eclipse (X-ecutioners) on the cuts and Ran-Dee (Joint Adventure) on the beats, the New York natives come together to deliver a hard hitting 90’s Boom Bap throwback that transports you to the last car on a dirty, grimey subway car, that drops you straight to the rugged streets of Kings County. From Brownsville to Bed Stuy, all the way to Coney Island and Canarsie, and everywhere in between, this track draws inspiration from all the best and worst parts of what makes BK the iconic destination it is. The people. The history. The food. The sounds, smells, hardship, pain, beauty and culture. 

Smif-N-Wessun uses them all to help paint a masterpiece upon the canvas created by Ran-Dee’s production. World champion turntablist, DJ Total Eclipse, adds the finishing touches and eventually drops us right on the blocks of Bed Stuy where Biggie Smalls honed his craft.

The single is complemented by a dope animated video created by rising star, Haus Riot, who has recently worked with the likes of Ill Bill, Onyx, Masta Ace, Snowgoons & more. Throughout the video you’ll catch props given to a small handful of the Hip Hop icons who came outta Brooklyn. 



This is a total Grimewav takeover of the single drops with The Great Flood, a dope asss single with lyrics from Enels,  Reignmakers, Hanzo Bladez, Frank White BX, Marvel, and Lace Feug. It's straight fire check it out! Produced by TEE-O.

Second single, Hanzo Bladez and G Fam Black bring you a single that is hardcore as the East Coast can go. Hanzo Bladez bring you the lyrics and the beat with G Fam Black to bring you that top level shit that only they know how to bring. More grimey than your unwashed frying pan, check it out!

Third single, brought to you by Frank White BX and produced by Enels, this shit is unreal. All dropped on the same day on the same wave, that griney New York type shit. Don't sleep! Hip Hop is life and they living it! 




An interesting take  who cares who it is for because Pestilence shows us that he has been through so much and been called this and that and he doesn't care about the smoke because it is nothing compared to what life throws at him. So fuck the naysayers, Pestilence is dope and there is nothing that anyone can do that will change that.

Juxx Diamondz brings you a fire freestyle single produced by C-Moez where his lyrical and rhyme schemes kick up to a top notch level that most can only dream of reaching. Check it out!

Pestilence bodies those that test him. Check this diss track featuring Nate Nasty and the dude he dissed, Miles Higher. 



Big Bear comes out with dope reflective single about mortality and where he feels he lands within the day to day life. He hits it right on this single, check it out!


Thrust OG taps into what is everything, survival and just getting what you deserve for what you put your efforts into. It's a very true message for us all, we just want a good return for everything we try to do. Bo Faat on the beat and it is another good banger from these two constant collaborators. 



This time around Crotona P linked with luchador masked spitter Gustavo Louis to bring you GO TO THE LIGHT prod by Netherlands producer Noam Chopski from IN THE TRENCH fame by my brother Mike Titan ft myself.

These streets are dark so most dont make it out. For those who close their eyes early.... just go to the light! Check it out!


Filthy Heir aka Tha Soloist brings you another banger full of lyrical gems about his life looking for a girl and showing people what seems real to him and how people don't appreciate what they got. Check It out, don't sleep!

Roc Martian brings you a real track that he recorded with A Dusty Cinema (aka Tha Soloist aka Filthy Heir). He's just talking to the beat about himself and what he is doing and seeing. It's pretty dope especially the beat behind him. It's pretty sick. It's another joke persona by Tha Soloist. Check it out! 

Portarok brings you another single produced by iLLShepard featuring Shadow Moses and Drunken Mantis. The beat is dope in the ilk of Rza of Wu Tang Clan. Rhymes and beat are hard and gritty just like the beat and it is refreshing hearing something clearly influenced by one of the greatest groups to ever exist in Wu Tang. Check it out! You won't regret the time you spent listening to it, hey you might even cop it on your ever-growing Bandcamp playlist. 



Tha Soloist releases another single under Filthy Heir with good inward reflection on this lyrical track also produced by him. Check it out!


SpaceLAB Recordings in association with Shadow Army Productions presents the release of “Swing The Katana” – the 2nd single from the upcoming collaborative LP Fire & Lead from Lex The Hex Master Jake Palumbo – arriving on all streaming services July 7th via SpaceLAB Recordings & Soulspazm Records, along with a music video directed by Moe Dutches.

The song wastes no time from the opening piano keys, with producer Jake Palumbo stepping from behind the boards to rhyme, declaring he “don’t associate with any bottom-feeding shellfish” & delivering the scathing, sardonic bars he’s become synonymous with.  Lex The Hex Master anchors the song with a trademark sing-songy chorus before dropping his own apocalyptic 16 bars, welcoming listeners to his multiverse of dark imagery & morbid humor.

Shop With Me” is the latest single by Brooklyn rapper Phill Ortiz off his upcoming album "Prospect Musik". Ortiz let's listeners know he is having what the costumers needs and why they should shop with him.

This is just a glimpse of the fire they're about to unleash on their highly anticipated album, "UNA CULTURA".

Shot in the heart of Renca Barrio, Santiago, Chile, this video takes you straight to the gritty. Big shoutout to Morteros Crew for holding it down! 

"UNA CULTURA" is the real deal crew album, bringing together the illest Dutch MCs BlabberMouf and EllMatic with the raw flow of Chilean MC B-Montes, all fueled by the mind-blowing beats of Chilean producer SQB. Brace yourself for 12 tracks of pure Boom Bap brilliance, dripping with passion and lyrical prowess.

This album is more than just beats and rhymes; it's a testament to their hustle, adding to its significance. Copies are selling like crazy, so better grab yours quick and secure this timeless masterpiece!

Massive respect to the visionary Luis Alejandro Pérez from Holistico Films - Jauja Cine for directing and capturing the essence of "Makin' Moves". And a big shoutout to NTAN HNS for delivering the video edit.

Prepare to dive deep into the world of SQB, EllMatic, BlabberMouf and B-Montes as they redefine the game.

Don't sleep on the first single from "UNA CULTURA" – it's a raw, authentic, and unapologetic showcase of their flavor!



A new single by Portarok featuring Contribution X with iLL Sheperd on the beat. This one is an aggressive Hip Hop song in the ilk of Wu Tang and Jedi Mind Tricks. Check it out!


Burn Herm brings you a high powered single featuring Gasoline Monk, Terry Borderline, and Sassy Destiny's. It has great vibes, arrangements, lyrics, and energy. The vocals are on point the whole way through. Check it out!

Taiyamo Denku brings you a 2018 remastered single where he utilizes the pipes for singing and rapping. The soulful beat is delivered by Soledad. It has some nice vibes for the ladies in yet another song that showcases the underground power that is Denku. Check it out!



Bo Faat releases the first single off his album dropping in November, "Talez From The Rotten Apple" in "Nostalgia" with Nine and Crotona P. Which is a gritty record soaked in the blood of the New York hardcore scene. Both MCs give this record a dope look into what Hip Hop was in the hey-day of New York boom bap. Nine (or 9MM), was a part of the real days and Crotona P is an artist that can be accredited with the being a part of the "Neo Boom Bap" movement (which is the underground boom bap Hip Hop scene of multiple artists from all over the world). It showcases drug raps, backpackers, hardcore, horrorcore, etc. Bo Faat is a big spearhead in this movement, a beatmaker and mix and master king of this new underground scene that provides soundscapes that are honed with perfection like a samurai sword. This song is a great example of how potent this movement can be with a mix of a veteran legend in Nine and a new age street poet in Crotona P, don't sleep!

Today we get to be immersed in the MC that is Crotona P, a NY MC whose always busy in the underground "Neo Boom Bap" scene. He drops a single himself featuring Mike Titan & Terror Van Poo that is also produced by Kiza G Beats. Check it out!

A combination of Shoegaze, Jazz, Southern Hip Hop, and Boom-Bap, "GDP" is an eclectic mix of sounds that lays the foundation for a new sub-genre of music crafted by veteran VA-based producer Krohme


T-Mo Goodie of Goodie Mob and Miami-based MC Money Mogly trade verses over the lush production crafted by Krohme & UK-based Shoegaze band, Blind Orbits, that finds guitars, cellos and trumpets weaving through heavy drums and trunk-rattling 808s. GDP isn't a song, it's an experience. Streaming everywhere via Calm Bomb Collective.

Hot off the heels of their debut full-length, "Tommy DeVito," Boston emcee Big Dese and Florida producer Mike Martinez are back with their sophomore offering. "Lincoln Hawk" is a flex session, with Dese displaying his lyrical prowess over a slew of Martinez-helmed bangers. 


The lead single, "Go Off" perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the album. Check out the full "Lincoln Hawk" project now on Bandcamp & all streaming platforms!

Cuban Pete drops another single with Bo Faat that is lyrically real with his looks in the different colors of life that exist in this world and commentates on how some people think about a person who has his social mindset and how he doesn't care about it. Check it out, don't sleep!



Pestilence and Rambunxious make a dope lyrical Hip Hop song about looking back and forward as well in a reflective track that is produced by TapDaddy. Check it out!

Akua The God and Dr. G go ham on this shit. Akua The God gets hardcore on that dope Dr. G beat with no remorse, check it out!

I missed this one, Gamblez and Paully Gram$ go bananas on this Cotardz produced track. Lyrically hardcore with some gem lines like "A veteran, I'm like a wolf on the prowl, kid you venison". Good listen so, check it out!



Tha Soloist brings another single of self-reflection and reflects on the world and his standing as an artist in the present. Check it out!

Donson The Wise and BoFaat bring you a new single to peep. Check it out!

Portarok brings a single produced by iLLShepard featuring Mr. Ripley and Caper. Don't sleep!

A new dope single from K'Nen of Stanton Capitol Recordings. I've been waiting for some new music from these guys. Check it out!

Marz One brings a dope heartfelt single about the loss of his grandfather with emotion and things I'm sure he felt needed to be said because he shares that he wasn't allowed to be there. It's things like this that eat at our soul. Life is never perfect but we try our best. Produced by BK Bonez, a constant collab of Grave Wax Music.



Big ups to Crotona P on this single about the traumas in life and how it is a struggle to get out of it and overcome it.

Straight out the Woodlands, Mass artists Jack Thorn & Decepta present the lead single "Dangerous" off their upcoming album "Connections." This time JT and Decepta are accompanied by EMS member Revalation, who helps bring the danger on this rugged backdrop produced by Bog Water Productions.



Dub Sonata connects with long-time collaborator Double A.B. on "Cold Alliance," the intro track to Dub's latest compilation album Tranquilizer Dart out now on Vinyl/CD via Man Bites Dog Records. The video filmed by Last Call Steve drops in support of the Instrumental version of Tranquilizer Dart, available today on all streaming platforms.

C. Rae is always busy dropping that dope lyrical Hip Hop over Boom Bap beats prod. by Mikey Bingo. Here's one of his newest singles, check it out!

Chino XL and Stu Bangas have a new project coming up and here is their first single featuring Vinnie Paz, check it out!



A dope single from the producer Enrichment featuring the heavyweights Termanology and Chris Rivers. Check it out!

Massachusetts emcee Messiah Kaine releases his newest single “Heart Make Hustle” produced by Beats Mafia. The song is a gritty interpretation of double cross and betrayal, which in the end helps us realize that, as the hook says, our only guarantee is death. Beats Mafia lays the melodic, key driven backdrop and Messiah Kaine takes it home with vivid bars for yet another banger in 2023.



Thrust OG x BoFaat ft. Kinetic 9 new single check it out! Some brand new heat that's got that Hip Hop Head authenticity that is required by those that love that Boom Bap style ish. 

Tha Soloist hits you with some grimey intelligence on this new Filthy Heir single. Check it out!




Straight from Wales to California, Mr. Phormula lands with yet another banger, this time featuring none other than legendary Akil The MC from world renowned rap group “Jurassic 5.” This second single taken from Phormula’s forthcoming album is titled “Global Reactor” and is sure to set any sound system alight with slick rhythms and pounding drums courtesy of Mr Phormula’s unique production style.


Filthy Heir drops another single that you need to check out!


Mike Titan comes out with two singles. One featuring John D. Contradiction and the other featuring Rhinocerus Funk; both are produced by Hilltop Productions. 




LA hip-hop vets Pawz One and Preed One enlist the lyrical stylings of Copywrite and Ruste Juxx on their latest single "Wage War." Preed One pulls a banger from his loaded beat arsenal for the three to blow holes in the opposition. Tone Spliff rounds off the track adding his own firepower with deadly scratches on the hook. Wage War is the new weapon against wackness brought to you by Man Bites Dog Records.

Mike Titan produced by Noam Chopski  ft. Crotona P bring you, "In The Trench". A dope penned layered beat that is like a homage to the ill pens of Hip Hop working the trenches. 



Mike Titan x Zcience Division bring you a new single with Titan on the vocals and Zcience on the beat.

RA The Rugged Man with a new single with Clique.; check I out! The production is insane...the mixing and mastering. The beat is dope too and RA goes beyond what he usually does and gets on some drum and bass...a good listen.




Mickey Bourbon, he's crazy on this one, check it out!

Providence, RI artist Lord Willin drops his first single "Legendary Legacy" featuring U.K. Hip-Hop heavyweight Sonnyjim & his "Hel Clecs" cohort, Welsh pioneer Mr. Phormula, off the upcoming album "S.S.R.I." which is entirely produced by Mr. Phormula. Check it out now on all platforms!




Veteran rapper Matt Maddox drops his latest single "Free Reign" feat. cuts by the incomparable Tone Spliff. The single is a hard hitting bar fest over menacing production by Nohokai Productions. This one is for true fans of punchlines and wordplay. Check out what Matt had to say about it below.

"The track is an all out assault filled with punches and wordplay. The first verse was a flex (unintentionally) utilizing the alphabet in most of the bars with letter combinations associated with my music and references, along with a full 16 running the same rhyme scheme/pattern. The second verse is bars and punchlines showcasing the lyrical ability and vivid imagery of the rhyme style. This also displays various associations from multi-influences." - Matt Maddox


Filthy Heir drops another track with that verbal barge of aggressive vocals. He's always true to himself and autobiographical.  Check it out!

"I think people gotta let artists do it however they do it." ---Filthy Heir aka Tha Soloist



A single by C. Rae X Chris Rivers X Lateb X Mikey Bingo (producer), check it's so fire!

Tha Soloist/ Filthy Heir/ A Dusty Cinema are the same person. All different personas. Whenever these names drop something on Bandcamp, I don't waste time. I am listening and a lot of times, buying. Check it out!

Hectik The Latin Assassin has a new single produced by Hanzo Bladez with DJ TMB on the cuts. Check it out, don't sleep!



I love this one with Masta Ace and Coast Contra...very playful and wordplay savvy. 

Crotona P and Doloot bring you a new single. That proper New York.

Freddie Black ft. Tarzan Figz produced by Spliftout, a dope single to check out. They hold ot down.

Shame Gang, Skyzoo, and  Kas Da God bring you that heat dropped on podcast radio. Check it out!




Thrust OG and BoFaat hit you again with another single, check it out!


Been a little bit, but The Filthy Heir (aka Tha Soloist) is back at it with another single, check it out!



Check it out, new single from Ruste Juxx  x Chess Moves. It's aggressive lyrical warfare.

Xp The Marxmen drops a new single, "Tuff Skin". Check it out!

Dope funky track by XTheOutkast featuring Chris Rivers and El Asuco. It hits hard and I'm sure you as a listener won't be disappointed. Check it out!

J. Sands features Elzhi and Skyzoo on this nasty track in which everyone brings it proper. Check it out!

Check this one out, Che Uno, KNG Bondalero, and G Fam Black bring this dope track for your ears.




Speaker Bullies new single off "Art of Disrespect"...peep the song list for the album. 

A-God the Old Soul and producer KnuckleUp come together on this new single on their forthcoming EP coming May 15th.

Portarok and the producer iLL Shepard drop a new single.





New single by Recognize Ali and Stu Bangas from their latest album. Check it out!


Check it out! New Flee Lord & Crisis single featuring Eto.

New single by The Bad Seed prod. By Nam Nitty, check it out!



Check it out, new single from Enels ft. Slaine prod. by Hanzo Bladez, "Underground". 


Check it out, single by Mike Titan x Manzu Beatz ft. John D Contradiction and Fred Ones on the turntables.

Lastly, Mr. Ripley x BoFaat "Comin @ Cha"...




Pestilence out of Wisconsin and part of CyphaDen Music (that includes, Taiyamo Denku, RamBunxious, and Urban Legend), lit the match that turned into a fire in this one that is also produced by Boomtact.

Cuban Pete's newest single that pays homage to the producer of the track, BigBob (RIP). 

Here's RamBunxious from CyphaDen making his first comedy song, check it out for some laughs. It is produced by "Evaridae" and it's a fun one.



Freddie Black and Brutal Caesar cime together on this banger featuring Vic Monroe. Check it out!

Burn Herm and Gasoline Monk bring some brand new music for you to Peep. It's dope so check it out!

Mike Titan releasing another single; this one produced by Silent Someone. Don't sleep on it so check it out!

O the Great dropped two singles recently. Tap in and check it out!

In case you missed out on this single dropped by Donny G that they "Still Talkin' " about. Check it out!




This is a dope effort by Skull Bludgeon with Dr. G on the beat plus mixing and mastering. Check it out!

The first single off of the new project, "Omerta`" from Eto & V Don. Eto with fire lyrics and verses and V Don on the beats. Check it out!

Thrust OG and BoFaat at it again with another hot single, "Soljah State Of Mind". Check it out!

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