Underground Hip Hop Bandcampers: "Degenerate, Godless" Donny G X BK Bonez

Published on 3 April 2023 at 17:13

Donny G and Bk Bonez back at it again with a lyrical boombapstic EP. These two out of Grave Wax Music never disappoint...using fellow group mate (of Grave Wax Music) Marz One for the only feature in this project. If I haven't said it before, Donny G is a master in writing verses and hooks. My favorite is "A Loyal Grave" it's a dope Grave Wax Music anthem unlike any other created before it. The bass and guitar in this one stands out on this track. The bass you can tell is human made, the character behind each note stands out in a realm of perfection. Instrumental-wise, this might be my favorite effort out of Grave Wax Music. It helps to have Donny G on every track giving the beat what it needs (and often exceeding). It has everything you want out of a Hip Hop jaunt, great production, lyrics, rhyme schemes, vibes, and a consistency that keeps rolling like a well made movie. Now go and cop a CD...don't be shy haha


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