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Elon Musk: A Centrist Worth Honoring

I remember when I was first introduced to Tesla, it was a smaller company then. They had yet to rebuild the Nummi plant and I was standing in a Tesla car dealership admiring the new roadster dressed in my normal black slacks and white buttoned up suit shirt holding trays of catered food. Who knows, I may have met Elon Musk at this event (catered by St. Clair's  Catering in Burlingame, CA).

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Technology Real Raw News: Singapore Increasing Automated Workforce

(Reuters)- Since the pandemic, Singapore had a shortfall of human bodies to fill their labor needs, which has been usually filled in by offshore workers from countries like the Philippines. But governmental mandated lockdowns made their travel basically impossible, so they turned to robotics. In essence, the pandemic sped up the process of technological advancement. 

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Technology Real Raw News: How Elon Musk is Financing the Twitter Purchase

All this chatter around Elon Musk, how does he say sane? How does he work past all the different narratives? Which ones are true and which ones are false? Elon Musk has become such a polarizing figure; the liberals seem to question his every move and the conservatives seem to think he is fighting with them. Maybe he is now, he has currently denounced the whole Democratic party due to their higher tax rates and has now proclaimed he will start voting Republican. This isn't a shocker, most wealthy businessmen vote for whoever is supporting their best interests. 

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Technology Real Raw News: Elon Musk Buys Twitter For $44bn

Elon Musk has been in the news more than any famous figure, for quite a while now. A lot of it are political gripes about his persona or about Dogecoin or what SpaceX is doing or the new developments of Tesla or some kind of interview from a famous podcast or news network that really wants to hone in on who is Elon Musk (cause obviously people want to know and his fame only brings good content).  Now he is in the news yet again for some huge feat of technological ramifications, but this time it isn't from a rocket propelled technical marvel or a self piloted electric car. It is because he just bought Twitter for $44 billion (which is below the $54 billion he first proposed).

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Technology Real Raw News: Bernie Sanders is Critical About NASA Being an ATM for Jeff Besos and Elon Musk

Bernie Sanders is stepping up his rhetoric about NASA being the personal ATM to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk for their respective companies Blue Origin and SpaceX. So far, taxpayers are paying for a moon lander program for SpaceX and another $10 billion is being considered for the same usage, both Blue Origin and SpaceX would be vying for the fund if it hits a congressional vote and approval. 

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Technology Real Raw News: the Helical Engine

A NASA engineer, David Burns is currently working on an engine that could theoretically bring the top speed of its propulsive capabilities to 99% of the speed of light. This could bring us to farther reaches in space and make the possibilities of even greater capabilities seem even more reachable.

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Technology Real Raw News: Russia Launches New ICBM

Russia boasted about launching their new ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, a very long range missile). They reported that it will breakthrough American anti-missile defenses and that it also has a longer distance than any other missile in human existence. Because of this, Russia warns that others should think twice about thinking of threatening their nation. 

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Technology Real Raw News: Netflix to Charge Account Sharing Extra

If you are sharing your account with people outside your household, look for and additional fee to hit your account. This has become a main concern for Netflix since they have started to see subscriber losses. They still remain on top of the food chain of all streaming services, but their once colossal number of added monthly subscribers has slowed down quite a bit. Netflix now is turning their attention upon people that share their accounts with multiple households to raise their revenue. 

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Technological Editorial: Robots and AI 4/8/22:

With both robotic and AI technologies making more strides each and every day. I don't get why people are not scared of their destructive potential. As is written, God made us in his likeness and we make robots in our likeness. "Look how that has turned out"; we have rebelled against every rule ever written "in the name of God". What makes us think we can "do better" in our endeavors in "playing God"? 

It would appear that our robotic creations are limited to logic. And logically, we are a bunch of squabbling schoolyard children fighting over land and resources for the betterment of each geopolitical group (a country or federation of countries). We are unable to get along because one always has to be the dominant one and there are always a few countries that fight for a bigger lion share of global control and dominance. 

As of now, the US is the main factor of dominance in this global control, but both China and Russia are always there trying to fight for a bigger piece of the pie for themselves. So why would a weaponized free thinking designed robot who is much less fragile than we are, let us live? We have shown very little capability in peace. So how does this not factor in these engineers chase in building the biggest, baddest, and most intelligent metallic monster? Who regulates their capabilities? Do we really want to know "how deep the rabbit hole goes" in these ever growing scientific and technological fields? 

It seems as if we are ambitiously lighting the way towards a path that goes unchecked and that has the potential to be dangerous without knowing. Once we open "pandora's box" on this subject, the robotic AI units will be able to think for themselves and deceive us as we do ourselves on a daily basis. 

Ukraine's Technological Angels

Ukraine has two angels on their shoulders in the name of Starlink (operated by Elon Musk owned SpaceX) and Anonymous. Both of which are helping out the cause for Ukraine during this time of warfare.

At the start of the war, Ukraine was having difficulties in some cases when it came to their online networks being disabled, but Elon Musk came to the rescue with Starlink. Starlink is a network of satellites that provide internet around the globe, internet being the main source of communication used by the Ukrainian military.  SpaceX has deployed 2,000+ such satellites around the orbit of our planet making it easy for them to spare a few.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anonymous have helped out the Ukrainian cause by declaring "cyber war" on Russia. Their biggest reported breakthrough was made on Russian State TV, where they broadcasted what is truly going on in Ukraine, which Russia has controlled the narrative by calling it a denazification of Ukraine.

During this hack, they took over 12 minutes of airtime to show imagery of scenes that show the destruction created by their continued bombardment and military presence. They also successfully captured government data and shut down numerous Russian websites. Hopefully they keep up the good work they are performing. It is said next that they will have their sights on attacking the Kremlin. Well until next time...enjoy your day!