Technology Real Raw News: Netflix to Charge Account Sharing Extra

Published on 19 April 2022 at 16:29

If you are sharing your account with people outside your household, look for and additional fee to hit your account. This has become a main concern for Netflix since they have started to see subscriber losses. They still remain on top of the food chain of all streaming services, but their once colossal number of added monthly subscribers has slowed down quite a bit. Netflix now is turning their attention upon people that share their accounts with multiple households to raise their revenue. 

Netflix has the most original content pouring out by far, compared to their competitors. Not everything is a hit, but there is plenty of good content to latch onto (particularly in the form of series, I think their movies are starting to get much better as well). With tons of competition in the streaming game, Netflix is doing what they can to capture as much revenue as they can in order to stay ahead of everyone else. 

They have been working on a solution for two years and expect a response to solve this issue of account sharing to hit the global market in about a year. They are testing it out in South American markets to perfect their desired response, so don't worry about a price hike just yet. They are still ironing out the wrinkles.




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