The People's Theorem is a blog / magazine for the people to come and read about real raw news (science & technology), and Hip Hop. Topics are carefully selected to drop you into a world of vast information (feel free to start a discussion in comments).

You will find stories on groundbreaking technology that could make or break the world as we know it. You will also read about the horrific acts of man that is a constant sleepless soldier waiting to fight their next battle for their propaganda filled ideals and ideologies. 

I find it very important to just give you the true raw information in an article as well as give you editorials that try nit to slant people in how they think but rather create free thinking truthseekers. We'll do our best to expose myths and break the wrongness in society by guiding you to this said information.  From there, your own trained right and wrong can see it for what it is. 

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