Technology Real Raw News: The Largest 3D Printing Structure in the Works

Published on 14 May 2022 at 14:33

From a planned Army Barracks in Texas and office buildings in Dubai, plus housing units, a 1,640-foot long retention wall, and office buildings in China. 3D printing has become very prevalent in the structural world. It is less labor-intensive and more cost-efficient due to the labor costs being much less. 

With AI systems getting involved in a new Chinese undertaking of a 590-foot tall dam on the Tibetan Plateau; this estimated two-year project will be completely man free from start to finish during the manufacturing and installation processes. It will be the largest 3D printing project to date, the Yangqu Hydropower Plant.

It will provide 5 billion kilowatt-hours of raw electricity per year. The feat of building the largest structure from 3D printing alone is a great accomplishment, but it being a human being free site is also amazing. The dam will be built on-site by a complete robotic workforce. This will remove human error and safety concerns from the building process.




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