Technology Real Raw News: Elon Musk Buys Twitter For $44bn

Published on 25 April 2022 at 16:53

Elon Musk has been in the news more than any famous figure, for quite a while now. A lot of it are political gripes about his persona or about Dogecoin or what SpaceX is doing or the new developments of Tesla or some kind of interview from a famous podcast or news network that really wants to hone in on who is Elon Musk (cause obviously people want to know and his fame only brings good content).  Now he is in the news yet again for some huge feat of technological ramifications, but this time it isn't from a rocket propelled technical marvel or a self piloted electric car. It is because he just bought Twitter for $44 billion (which is below the $54 billion he first proposed).

Like everything Elon Musk, it comes with a mixed bag of feelings. The whole reason he bought Twitter is because he is a free speech absolutist and wants Twitter to be a reflection of our total God given right to free speech. He doesn't want anyone being cancelled our suspended due to a matter of free speech.

It is definitely a personal opinion of his, but at the same time, it is constitutionally right. Being that Twitter has become a defacto town hall setting, Elon Musk feels that it is very important to give it uninterrupted freedom of speech. Some people feel threatened by this as if he is gaining too much power and some people applaud it as being the right thing to do. 



Elon Musk to acquire Twitter in $44 billion deal (

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