Technology Real Raw News: AI Pioneers Warn of 'Urgent' Threat

Published on 6 May 2023 at 10:49

AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton warns of artificial intelligence being a more imminent threat than climate change (which is quite troubling as many regard him as one of the "godfathers of AI"). 


He worked for Alphabet Inc (which is part of Google) on AI technologies and his breakthroughs within this realm have been vital for the improvements that have been made for the past few decades.  He recently powered down his computer and quit his job so he can speak out against this ''threat" without "affecting his employer" (to which he worked for a decade). Hinton's major accomplishments in advancing the industry has been "playing God" with the neural pathways of AI technologies. 


Now he stands on the side of a growing community of tech professionals and leaders that are starting to speak up against this threat if AI develops a higher intelligence than human beings and end up taking over control of the Earth. Something out of movies, right? To these individuals, it's very real and they have worked firsthand with this possible advisory (I am glad to see this is getting more attention, but it is still not enough; it should be on front pages). 


The growth of AI popularity is growing rapidly with AI able to imitate artists vocals, ChatGPT (which has reached 100 million monthly users in two months),  AI powered visual art, AI problem solving programs, robots, self-driving cars, and other applications (including military equipment). The use of this technology is growing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up with it. It is that point right there that makes this so dangerous. We are creating new AI technologies to benefit mankind, but when will it be advanced too much to where it makes humans obsolete? 


One good thing that Biden has done in his presidency, is keeping an eye on this technology and keeping an ongoing conversation with tech leaders that he states that he thinks should be more transparent about what they are producing systematically. He also created a global summit that addressed the future direction of technology. 


Geoffrey Hinton addresses technology in what will be my conclusion, “the tech leaders have the best understanding of it, and the politicians have to be involved. It affects us all, so we all have to think about it.”



AI pioneer says its threat to world may be 'more urgent' than climate change | Reuters

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