New Underground Hip Hop - Bandcamp Movement: "Triple Blackness" by Emerg Da MC prod. Mike Martinez

Published on 23 June 2023 at 15:13

Emerg Da MC always brings unparalleled energy that is on track in the ilk of ODB and Busta Rhymes and this project is no different. Mike Martinez brings beats that aren't his usual abstract selections by BK Bonez and Kiza G Beats, which is refreshing because he was more focused on the messages and how he was saying. His schemes aren't as advanced on this one as they usually are, but I think theme-wise, he executed this one on a higher level. His street poetry and Hip Hop presence is much more potent on this one than some of his previous projects. I enjoyed the whole journey with "Ghetto Telepathy" being my favorite track off the project. He had good solid features from all who are involved, OGUN, King Bobo, Killz, Anti-Fable and Street Da Villain. Check it out...I think we can all enjoy and appreciate this new music. 

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