New Underground Hip Hop - Bandcamp Movement (Bandcampers): "The Shadow Tape 2" by Killz X Kiza G Beats

Published on 18 June 2023 at 07:37

This is my first time listening to a Killz project, but Kiza G Beats is not new at all. Killz offers a smooth take on boom bap with a lot of different types of deliveries (upbeat, downbeat, mid-level, etc.) also adding a soulful-reggae type singing voice to give it more textures. His vibrato is very pronounced and practiced. His lyrical is very good as well and his vocals vibe right over the vibes of the instrumentals. He is very good at adlibs as well keeping the vocals interesting the whole way through. He gets a more lyrically direct Emerg Da Mc; who always adds his endless energy on a track (the adlib master). Street Da Villain is also on this one bringing his lyrical talent that is a deep focus on life and his past and present with dope lyrical delivery and schemes. The features of Potent & Jubae on "Can't Surf" match well with the vibes of the album and do the album justice. The last feature falls on Anti-Fable (an abstract lord) does great on his assignment too his constant abstract approach with Killz give this album a nice unexpected curveball, but it fits within the graces of the project. Kiza G Beats delivers with each sound glued to this canvas that all in all works and excels as it's own unique take on boom bap Hip Hop. I really enjoyed listening to this project all the way through. Check it out! 

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