Underground Hip Hop Bandcampers: "The 11th Day" Taiyamo Denku X Bo Faat

Published on 4 April 2023 at 18:04

This album is next level, not just for Taiyamo Denku and Bo Faat, but for anyone trying to create an album. It was created from start to finish by both Bo Faat in 11 days, hence the title. These guys have done so many projects together that have reached the highest of heights, but this one maybe the one that has reached the highest. It showcases maybe more reality than Taiyamo has ever let us see in one project and was made out of his raw confidence. He even plucked at his vocal cords for some singing in which he pulled of masterfully.  Denku is an abstract artist with such an effortless delivery that showed abstract vulnerability which is not often projected by MCs (no features too). You should definitely add it to your playlist. Now that we've talked about the vocals, the beats created by Bo Faat are dope af and layered with perfection. Each sound selected and each transition attempt, performed like techniques of the highest master of a Mo Gwoon (a Kung Fu dojo). Check it out!

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