Underground Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: "Animal Farm" by Pestilence x Boomtact

Published on 13 May 2023 at 09:32

"Animal Farm" is a worthy Hip Hop album; I think the Nine Muses would be proud. It is part meaningful, poetic, hardcore, horrorcore, and potent as poison. After the intro, "Hiss" comes on which is also the single for the album, and it hits the eardrum with some phat bass coupled with masterful lyrics and rhyme schemes. Pestilence is a dope MC that is percentagely cut like a pie and the pieces are, meaningful, poetic, rhyme schemes, lyrics, hardcore, horrorcore, smooth (not overly aggressive or soft spoken), and adlibs. He writes a great chorus like in "Raccoons" and the whole project is spread over dope beat choices and features. Boomtact produces a comprehensive soundscape that suites Pestilence 100% and features by Dtaylz the Profit (on 2 tracks), Xecutive, Super Ego Beats, DJ Toxic T (on the turntables), Marz One, Space Kase, Czaro the Infinite, and Gamblez all adds dope elements to the project as a whole. You gotta check it out!

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Dtaylz The Profit
10 months ago

Honored to be on such a well thought out project , and at true same time unrestricted as far as pushing the pen. Pestilence was someone I was drawn to instantly as an artist and I’m a fan myself 🙏