New Hip Hop Music Videos: "Kayefab Is Dead" Empire Vs. Dr G

Published on 27 October 2022 at 16:28

This is an insane assortment of weaponized lyrics that will make any common Hip Hop head salivate like a dog at a BBQ.  The beat is cooked up to perfection served with masterful lyricism by Gamblez and Hectik. The video is an animated experience that cements the trio as top-notch artists in the game in which they point out using metaphors themed off wrestling metaphors. It's a very unique bond of greatness and they want you to know that they are great too and it works.  I can't wait for the whole project to come out in which this track is also the title track for the EP which is Gamblez and Hectick and produced by Dr. G in it's entirety. Check it out!


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