Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: "Do You Want Bars?" Taiyamo Denku x Bo Faat

Published on 23 July 2022 at 07:00

Do You Want Bars? Taiyamo Denku X Bo Faat


Taiyamo Denku and Bo Faat do it again by dropping an album full of specatular beats and flows that rivals anybody that picks up a mic or a MPC. It starts off with an aggressive feature-less verbal barrage in, You're Trash. This project has some potent features; Nature of The Firm, Adlib, Moka Only, Timbo King, Freeway, Dizzy Diasta, Punchline, Wordsmith, Gift of Gab, Chris Rivers, Mood, Shyheim, and I Am Many. 

This very well maybe the last piece of work you will ever hear from Gift of Gab (RIP and they both went ham). Least Expected is masterfully done by Taiyamo Denku and his features (Punchline and Wordsmith), a trio of MCs that will never back down from the mic on any given moment. If you like bars, just press play and hear it all the way through. I think you'll find that there will be some new adds to your playlist on this one. Check it out!

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