Real Raw News: The Great Wall of Tension Continues to Build Between US and China

Published on 15 April 2023 at 08:18

-China and US tensions continue to grow as seen in numerous reports all over the media. China's president Xi seems to be strengthening their ties with countries all over the world and devaluing the US dollar as the international currency of trade by vying to use their own currencies instead (like in the cases with Brazil and Russia).


-The US continues to send high ranking officials over to Taiwan after China threatened them no longer to do so or there will be consequences, which came in the form of military exercises of the shores of Taiwan. 


-President Xi addressed the joint military drills by the Philippines and the US by hammering in the need for strong military preparation and training throughout China. The Philippines and the US continue to strengthen their ties as the Philippines allows the US to have access to four military bases, three in the northern region towards Taiwan and one on Spratly Island near the South China Sea (where China continues to dispute other countries control over the area). 


-President Xi's international tour (and rhetoric) seems to have the goal of gaining more economic power (which all countries strive for favorable deals), vie for Ukraine War peace (with Russia being favored by retaining its illegal annexed lands), and gains support for a China and Taiwan reunification. 


-China also claims that the US is strategically trying to cancel them out as a major trading partner saying that this will have global market impacts in effecting the world's supply chains. The US has defended its use of what is called "friend-shoring" because they favor doing business with more "market-oriented democracies" and are attempting to diversify their supply chain. 







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