Real Raw News: Australia Attempts to Thwart China's Pacific Security Pact

Published on 26 May 2022 at 22:53

Australia attempts to put a stop to China's attempt to gain more influence in their Asian Pacific region with a security pact with the Solomon Islands.  Right now both China and Australia are vying for more influence in the Pacific islands. Australia going to Fiji and China going to the Solomon Islands. China warns Australia that their attempts to stop the pact between them and the Solomon Islands will fail. 

China is bringing all the Pacific island nations together so they too can create a pact that is "mutually" beneficial for China and their island neighbors, but the West, Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia contest that the deal is one-sided aimed at further Chinese control over the region. China hopes that their pact with the Solomon Islands spreads and brings about this change amongst all the islands. 

These said deals have been unnerving the West as a whole, not just Australia and the US, in such a way, the European Union has declared that they too will visit the region to help build a more Western favored influence amongst the Pacific island nations. The geo-political landscape is definitely changing due to the Ukraine War. China is now seeing that isolationism is not a course of action they can follow. They must try to earn the respect of their neighbors and create deals that give them a security and financial advantage such as the US and the West has always implemented with those that they could all around the globe. 







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