Real Raw News: Is Taiwan Part of China?

Published on 19 July 2022 at 17:15

The question that many humans on planet Earth are wondering; is Taiwan part of China? I am willing to bet that most people haven't delved into this to find out what the answer is. That's ok, we all have our day jobs and glued to our phones and so many media outlets keep throwing notifications at us as well as keeping what is popular from personal algorithms cooked up by media to suggest what we are into or what we might be into to find out the answer.  Well, being that Nancy Pelosi and other politicians (of the US) have planned on or have visited there against the wishes of China. They even have gone as far as to threaten the US with "forceful measures" if this practice keeps happening. 


For the most part, it has not threatened US political figures. They support Taiwan's independence and Joe Biden has voiced his "rock-solid" commitment to China's neighboring island of Taiwan. But enough of this talk of who is for what and who stands where, I have the facts in front of me and shall share them with you.


Is Taiwan independent? It is sort of a gray area, back before when the People's Republic of China was formed and it was called the Republic of China, Taiwan was a part of the Republic of China. When the ROC lost in the civil war to the Communist Party, the leader of the Nationalist Party, Chiang Kai-shek, fled to Taiwan in 1949 and established a government there. His son took up his mantle after his death and ruled Taiwan afterwards. 


So the PRC think that once they took over China from the ROC, they get claim to all of their territories (which historically has happened in some countries after a power shift), but the people of Taiwan believe otherwise, that they have established a sovereign nation of their own. I think what it will boil down to is this, is China going to force their hand and do to them what Russia is now currently doing in Ukraine? What do you as readers think?

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Joyce Ludwig
2 years ago

Unfortunately, I think that China will eventually try to take over Taiwan. China will then impose its will and consume Taiwan. China can’t seem weak to the eyes of the world. I also think it is watching and waiting to see what happens to Ukraine and the world’s response. We HAVE to, the European Union, retaliate against Russia and support Ukraine or China will do the same thing to Taiwan.