New Underground Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: "Bloo Moon 2" by Bloo Azul & Spanish Ran

Published on 26 July 2023 at 17:37

Bloo Azul and Spanish Ran always sound like they belong like kindred spirits. They present that more classic gritty sound from New York, but it has this authentic originality that only these two can create. Bloo Azul speaks with such conviction and emotion that let you know he's been through a lot but you can also tell he wouldn't change a thing. Spanish Ran cooks up beats that go down organically like a family feast full of life and layers, but still with that New Yorker style that is familiar. His layers taste like they need some Michelin stars nahmean? Features are some cuts by DJ Ill Digitz and dope flows by Passport Rav. Check it out, this shit is dope.

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