New Hip Hop Music Videos 2023: "The Consequence" by Passport Rav & Bloo Azul prod. by Passport Rav

Published on 19 April 2023 at 16:50

Check it out! A new video freshly edited off Passport Rav & Bloo Azul's album "83". A nice Hip Hop joint to vibe to as you drive home from work or just chillin'. It's all about life and observation of both MC's as they navigate through their journey through life. Video directed by Gee (gotta give them their props too). Check out the 10 track album too, don't sleep on both of these guys discographies. Both are potent in their own rights and hail from New York. Rav is a dope MC and producer who recently produced a whole EP for O Dawg (peep the write up).

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