New Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: "Once in a Bloo" Bloo Azul & Spanish Ran (EP)

Published on 15 August 2022 at 18:00

A dope collab from Bloo Azul on the mic and Spanish Ran on the controls in the form of an EP. Though it is 10 tracks, it only clocks in at 27+ minutes. It only has one feature in Rasheed Chappell on the fifth track, "Possibilities". All in all it is dope, samples are beyond next level and the use of delay is masterful by Spanish Ran. It gives it an airy feeling, much like a mirror to a room making it appear bigger. Lyrically, Bloo Azul forms good messages, observations, and insights that only one who is dedicated to their craft, can. Check it out!


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