New Underground Hip Hop - Bandcamp Movement - "Hell On Heart / Side C" by Khyezine

Published on 9 July 2023 at 12:53

Kheyzine keeps pumping out his Hell On Heart series, giving us Side C that is stacked with high tier MCs and beats. Lyrics and schemes make this project filled with cream. Everyone is money in their own way adding their personality and flavors to each track. It is very street poetry heavy on the sinister side of the "do-what-you-gotta-do" type of hustle. There is no shame in what these dudes have to do and had to do to make a living. They killers with that hardcore type of shit that seems to be the thing that moves the vinyl needle stylistic-wise with an exception of O The Great who shows he's no punk but is always on a more lyrical type of mindset with complex sentences and schemes that rival any mic spitter currently out of the underground. The other heavy hitters on this project are; Slum Lord Swigz, Bless Picasso, Mo Rukuz, Grey Phox, D.R.E. Colombian Raw, Deziner Drugz, Postman & Blaze 5th, and INF to complete a dope project through and through for you all to check out. Kheyzine definitely doesn't disappoint on any of his beats and he's becoming a big player in this underground Hip Hop shit. Check it out! 

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