Underground Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: "Purest Form" by Zillah and produced by Donny G

Published on 3 June 2023 at 06:34

In it's purest form, "Purest Form" is a solid lyrical offering with great rhyme schemes and solidly delivered vocals surrounded by the dope soundscapes of Donny G. Both being from Canada, they deliver a project they can both be proud of at the very least. When Donny G isn't spitting his lethal rhymes (he's also does a verse on "That Was Hip-Hop"), he's cooking up lethal instrumentals and beats as well (also a death metal vocalist and musician). It also features Young Pheonix, Shallow Pockets, White Wine, Dee, and Dystrakted on the cuts. Go check it out and see it for yourself. 

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