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Published on 31 May 2023 at 18:42



G Fam Black teams up with producers, The Heretic and Plague Magician on this abrasive Instrumental that matches G Fam's always aggressive and grim vocals. Check it out!


XP the Marksman and Kahlee bring you this high-powered scheme and lyrical experience over the DK beat. Tone Spliff adds in his untouchable cuts making this track a dope addition to the new "Neo Boom Bap" movement that is happening in the underground, check it out!



A dope urban real life struggle flow single put together by Supreme Cerebral featuring Killy Shoot and produced by Chuck Chan, check it out!

Apollo Brown drops a single with Planet Asia off his project "Sardines". "Some black Mr. Rodgers shit." This is a dope take on what it is like slangin' on the block and the mentality that is behind it all. Check it out!



WateRR and Spanish Ran put it in on this one being real. It features Daniel Son, a Canadian powerhouse in the underground. WateRR spits the real about the prison system and doesn't hold back in this fire single from his project with Spanish Ran "The Policy King". Both these MCs are on the radar along with Spanish Ran. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.



A fire single produced by KNG Bondalero featuring G Fam Black, D.O.V.,  and Tone Kelly. An aggressive battle of conflict with in yourself and within the world. Check it out and subscribe to Paka The Plug, for real!

Cerebal Supreme delivers a dope song with good vibes and schemes with dope cuts and production by Nu Vintage featuring Jamal Honesty. Cuts by DJ Grasshoppa, check it out! 

A fire ass single from the producer Jamal Johnson featuring Aaqil Ali and the always busy Planet Asia. Good vibes and lyrical that keep the real Hip Hop Heads fed with good music. Check it out and subscribe to Paka The Plug. 



WateRR and Spanish Ran bring this heater featuring A.M. Early Morning taking about that mindset to make that cream, which has been a huge part of Hip Hop. The streets is brought up to do whatever they can to make that cheddar and the rap game was just another venue to hustle. In this one, Chicago and New York team up to make a song off the tradition of that Hip Hop hustle. 



XP the Marxman & Phonk P hit with this single featuring Compton Menace that is produced by Nuglife. They give you a nice relaxed chill view to bump for the summer. Check it out!

Crazy how this song samples Soul Searchers "Ashley's Roachclip" like the famous lip syncing song by Milli Vanilli. They definitely did a dope rendition by Hus Kingpin and Smoovth. This track is produced by Macapella and brings a new take on the sample and is pretty dope. Don't sleep!



Mo Rukus puts out a dope video produced by Shinobi. Check it out, you won't be disappointed if you're a true Head.

Starvin' B and Micall Parknsun drop a new single that is fire. Check it out!



This dope beat is surrounded by dope MCs the underground. This is what we all about here; showing ya'll what this real Hip Hop shit is all about. This is a massive cypher that you wish would never stop, "Devil's In The Detail" by Bub Stylez and produced by Retrospec featuring some big rhyme heads in Eff Yoo, Passport Rav, and SA Money. Don't miss this one, check it out!

Passport Rav produced by Get Large is a nice jam about the shorties. The bars are heavy like an anvil. As I keep hearing all this new music, I wonder how long it is going to take for all of this to take off. This Neo Boom Bap scene shows that New York isn't done yet (Passport Rav is from New York), but so many others are from all over the place across this nation and the world. Don't sleep on this song or this new Bandcamp driven movement. 



Falcon Outlaw and Daniel Son go in on this one with two separate songs. It's apparent that these guys have ultimate respect for eachother and the producers that they are working with. 1st part (song), "Range Rover" is by Daniel Son and produced by JO MILLZ and the 2nd part is "Lester Diamonds" by REALLY HIIIM. It's a potent Hip Hop offering that even the highest of OGs in the game, can get behind. Check it out!

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