Underground Hip Hop Bandcampers: "Guerilla Dynasty 2" by Recognize Ali & Stu Bangas

Published on 22 May 2023 at 18:20

Recognize Ali and Stu Bangas are both titans in this Underground Hip Hop shit. They don't touch any project without creating a track for track banger. This project is professional through and through each sample and beat and vocal laid down is dynamic and grimey. Usually New York and Boston rival against each other, but this project cements how working together creates something powerful. Trust me listen to this project, you will not be disappointed. I don't feel I need to over saturate this one with words, the names speak for themselves. This project also gets support vocals from Lord Goat, Verbal Kent, EffYoo, Spit Gems, SageInfinite, and boob Bronx plus cuts by Tone Spliff, Swab, and DJ Tray. So burn your mattresses and pillows, there will be no sleeping tonight!

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