New Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: "Comic Book Villain" by K-Rime & Stu Bangas (EP)

Published on 17 August 2022 at 18:37

Dope EP that's easy-going yet aggressive.  The production is better than most underground work, Stu Bangas is the master of adding accenting hits throughout a track. This EP features two MCs in Willie Stubz and Hugh Stone both add their masterful mic presence.  K-Rime is for sure on my radar. It's funny how New York is still so vibrant full of underground gems to dig up and discover.  There are still so many that stay loyal to the East Coast boom bap sound, both regional and out of region. The track, "The Merciless" is bananas, the drums and bass stand out. Lyrically he's on point, top of the world amongst the struggles of the world and society (would be the best way to explain it). Check it out!


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