Real Raw News: Germany Votes to Revamp Military

Published on 3 June 2022 at 15:12

(Reuters)- Germany's neglect towards their military was pointed out (since the Cold War) along with Russia's aggression towards Ukraine as the main factors of approving a vote by German lawmakers to revamp their military.  The approved a bill worth 100 billion Euros ($107 billion) to be designated for funding improvements to their military. 

This fund will bring them to NATO's requirement of spending 2% of their economic output on military defense. This makes Germany the third highest spenders towards military behind only the US and China. The Kremlin quickly commented on this action calling it a "remilitarization" effort that adds a security risk to Russia.  

The fact of the matter is, Germany was ill-prepared for this confrontation between Russia and Ukraine and now realizes that they need to take defensive measures of their own. They don't have a single battle-ready brigade in their army. They have 1/10th of the amount of tanks they once possessed in the 1980s and 1/4 of the amount of submarines and fighter jets since the Cold War. 

This was a main concern for Germany's defense ministry and they have been accessing for many years now that they need to remedy this problem they face and since the start of the Ukraine War, they have really made this one of the main focuses in the country as a whole. They have been doing well, for decades, in growing Germany's economy to the biggest in all of Europe, now they need an army that will better protect their political and economic interests. 




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