Real Raw News: International Hacking Crisis

Published on 12 May 2022 at 16:44

Internationally, hacking has become a problem. Sometimes it can be used for good; Anonymous forces Russians into seeing the truth about the war through hacking their state media broadcasts (for instance). Other cases are negative like North Korea stealing 600 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency (that is a huge bag). The US slapped sanctions on them in retaliation, but when you can squeeze 600 million dollars out of thin air- I don't think they care. 

The newest case is in Costa Rica where ransomware hackers have put many of their government agencies at a standstill. It has also halted tax collection and the hackers have also stolen multiple citizens' personal information. It's scary what a skilled person or persons behind a computer can do. 

The group behind the attack is Conti, they are trying to get a ransom for them to unlock their networks and systems. They are the same group that is behind disrupting Ireland's national health care system. They are said to be a pro-Russian group made up of Russians and Eastern Europeans. Hopefully, Costa Rica can find their way around the problem and the world as a whole can find a way to combat these sort of problems in the near future.









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