Real Raw News: The Look of the New Supreme Court

Published on 10 May 2022 at 17:25

The new look of the Supreme Court is highly Conservative. Because of this, leftists have lost a lot of trust in the current line-up in reflecting their 50% of the population's (theoretically being a two-party system) ideological leanings. As a result, we have a very deep-seated battle in the overturning of the Roe versus Wade ruling in 1973. It appears to be a huge overreaction on the left's part because they don't seem to be respecting the beliefs of their fellow citizens across the aisle. 

This overturning will not outlaw abortion, it will just be taking away the federal government's control of it and giving it back to the states. For the most part, our government is set up for the states to steer the government's control over most social issues and problems. In essence, this is a good compromise that will give conservative states the ability to outlaw it and liberal states to keep it legal. 

But this mistrust brings up an issue that I think warrants a look at how the Supreme Court is formed. It is selected by presidents and whichever political party is in charge of the Oval Office will most likely select a candidate that reflects their political party (except Clinton who chose Clarence Thomas a conservative). I think it would be best to represent the two parties equally in the Supreme Court (at all times), not only for fair justice but also to show how un-alike people can work together with respect for the law rather than their ideology. 

It is very dangerous to have any particular political leaning in control of our justice system. It truly has the potential to slant our justice system in a way that follows biases that should be free from the law, like religious beliefs (we are supposed to have a system free from religious influence). I think it is clear to see that religion plays a big part in the make-up of our new Supreme Court's collective mind.  For those with a religious standpoint, you should want to live in a world with fewer restrictions not only to underline the word freedom but in the Bible, free will was gifted and our choices are what will be judged in the end. From a non-religious standpoint, you should respect your fellow citizens to give them a chance to regionally create a government that reflects them as a people.

In conclusion, there should be a forced balance in our highest judicial court and it should always reflect the people as most as possible. 



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