Real Raw News: US Bans Anti-Satellite Missile Tests

Published on 29 April 2022 at 11:47

In the last week of April, US announced they have banned Anti-Satellite Missile Tests that are limited to destructive tests that create more "space junk" around Earth's orbit. The ending of such tests is an attempt to stifle an arms race in an area where the US is quite far ahead technology-wise.

The US is particularly vulnerable in this such theater of war, they are quite dependent on satellites in every form of life. You don't even need to connect an explosive device, all you need is the capability of an intercontinental ballistic missile pointed into space, the collision alone of a propelled object hurled at a satellite in space will turn the projectile and the satellite into hundreds, if not thousands of pieces that would be a part of Earth's orbit (for worse to be sure). A study has shown that most pieces descend into the Earth's atmosphere and burn away, while the rest join the "space debris" around our orbit. 



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