Real Raw News: South Korea's Floating City

Published on 29 April 2022 at 08:09

A floating city like lily pads on a pond connected together as a means to create a self-sustaining habit for human beings that floats over the ocean. This concept will be coming to life over the waters within South Korea's biggest port city of Busan. The overall space needed for the project is placed at 15.5 acres and will house up to 12,000 people. The project is reported to be ready for the building phase in the year 2025. 

The design of the Oceanix Buson (the official name of the project) was released to the UN on Aril 26th. It is designed to be 100% eco-friendly, providing all of the energy and water needs for the people that live upon the floating structures. It will include apartments, parks, markets, and offices. They will use the sun, wind, and current of the waves for energy. They will collect rainwater and purify it for drinking water. This means that in order to be totally sustainable, they need to develop a food source that is also sustainable, which means, fish and plant-based. 

Oceanix plans to bring their designs to other coastal cities around the world because they believe this is a way to make humanity more sustainable and resilient. The waste is converted into compost or recycled and in some cases, turned into energy. This could be an amazing feat for humankind. One that will surely see backlash by traditionalists who still want to use cars and eat a diet with more variety. The community will mostly be using bicycles and "Chevro"-legs as their main source of transportation. I think it would be amazing to look out with a view of the ocean everyday as well as look into the city in which you share your space and see a contrast of lives.  Everything you need will be a "rock throw" away. Adventure will also be at your doorstep, being that the community is connected to a major city and industrialized country. The possibilities in today's world seem to be getting closer to "endless".



A pilot for a sustainable floating city is being built in Busan — Quartz (

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