Real Raw News: North Korea, "The Invincible Power"

Published on 25 April 2022 at 21:51

When you think about North Korea, does invincible power come to mind? That is what Kim Jung Un wants the thoughts within your mind to travel to. He wants to rule with a fear that extends past his borders. 

During this past year, North Korea has launched a great number of ballistic missile tests and both the US and South Korea feel the potential of them furthering their testing in the form of nuclear weapons. They like to boast during this time of year on the anniversary of the formation of the Korean's Revolutionary Army. This year they praised the history of their military campaigns against the US and South Korea.

Their national news agency, KCNA also pridefully explained to the world how they have offensive and defensive capabilities that are ready for any type of modern warfare. They also added that Kim is a "military savant" who is an excellent commander and that his focused leadership has led them to this enormous "power". 

Today, Kim Jung Un has promised to strengthen their nuclear arsenal and they have said that they will launch more tests of their ICBMs. This is prototypical of them during this time of year; to uplift their military and swear by their strength. But with all the unrest in the world, who knows what will happen in the Korean region. You can bet on us keeping a close eye on this developing situations.






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