Real Raw News: South Africa's Floods Due to Climate Change

Published on 14 April 2022 at 18:13

Extreme rain like never before seen (well for 60 years atleast) in South Africa is the cause of floods that have killed hundreds of people. In some areas, they have gotten six months worth of rain in a single day. 

When President Ramaphosa went to see the affected areas with his own eyes, he credited climate change for the disaster. This is being backed by science through countless studies being done on climate change in which scientists have found that because of the rising global temperatures, moisture is becoming more abundant in certain atmospheric areas around the globe. This is said to give way to higher risk of flash flooding.

A study by Hossein Tabari, who researches what global change does to the hydrologic cycle. Says that when global warming raises a degree that it will add 6-7% more to atmospheric water vapors that will be a cause of more heavier rain in certain concentrated areas. This will in turn cause other areas to dry up and the world's population will be displaced over time because of all these catastrophic factors. 



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