News Editorial: What About the Moderates and Centrists?

Published on 13 April 2022 at 18:09

You have "conservatives" and the "far right" outraged about being misrepresented in mainstream media and you have "liberals" and "progressives" angry about their portrayal on AM talk radio, Fox News, and Newsmax. I think we are at a point where our media is mostly editorial based giving it a huge element of distrust. 

The main element I want to shine a light on is the demonization of moderates and centrists. If a republican moderate doesn't stand behind the far right agenda, which under Trump was an exchange of ethics for "America first" (which personally I liked a lot of those policies). But why should there be a trade? Why can't we have both? Don't you think that would be more unifying for their voter base? 

Trump unethically insighted a lot of unneeded aggression from his public supporters. He got rid of so many of his staffers for not agreeing with him and they also resigned. That just shows the toxic environment he accumulated in the White House.

He chastised the 10 House GOP members who voted for his impeachment due to his aggressive rhetoric during the Capitol Hill riot. It is clear that Trump caused this to happen and anyone who is denying it is holding onto a hope that is no longer there. Instead, their beloved savior will be known as (most likely) a failure and a traitor of sorts. 

Trump took all the conservatives under his wing and they all followed willingly and obediently (for the most part). Eradicating any moderates and centrists within the party and trading them in for your; Majorie Taylor Greenes, Madison Cawthorns, and Josh Hawley's of the world. All people who stood behind the people who tried to undermine our democracy and keep their "savior" in power. 

Then you have Nancy Pelosi and the squad of progressives in AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Presley, and Rashid Tlaib. Who want to turn the country into a European Socialist Democracy (the right say communism) type governing model. They want to champion any type of social movement whether it is gender definitions or sexual orientation definitions or racial issues and fight it all at once. Cram so much down America's throats and slander those who don't understand it or are against it (it is hard to change some one who is raised a certain way to think a different way). 

By choosing so many things to fight, not only are they not getting anything done (nor will they ever, if it wasn't for Obama they would've never passed the Affordable Care Act), they are also alienating their fellow citizens and further dividing us all. Democrats are wildly unorganized due to their multi-front approach. They are crazy lunatics, haven't they ever heard of one thing at a time? Pick one...

With all this being said, there is little room left for the centrists. The ones who are part right and part left, both the right and the left hate a person of this distinction because they ask, which one are you? The one they think is right at the time for a particular stance. Look at all the spending bills that were proposed and didn't go through, it was because moderates were displeased with pieces of it. Moderates and centrists are the ones that bring both sides to the table because they bring common ground, but the problem with our American politics now is there is hardly any common ground anymore. We are trading it in for less ethics and less focus. Let the centrists and moderates in, they will call you out on your bullshit and bring unity to the whole country. You "progressives" and "conservatives" just have to be more humble and open-minded to them. I know you dislike them because they don't see the overall benefits of your "big picture" agendas, they see each issue singularly and finds the right and wrong in them. American Politicos don't want a centrist or moderate voter base to form because they are harder to brainwash.


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