Real Raw News: Finland and Sweden to Join NATO

Published on 12 April 2022 at 17:21

It is said that Finland is set to send in their application to join NATO in June with Sweden to follow shortly after. One of the reasons of Russia starting the invasion of Ukraine, was to thwart global domination of the West, which Putin clearly miscalculated that it may cause others to join the West. Before both Sweden and Finland were opposed to Membership, but this invasion has drastically changed their mind in the matter.

Putin has warned Sweden and Finland saying that it will only cause further instability in Europe. But it seems since Putin's army has failed in most parts of their invasion, that it has actually strengthened the appeal of being a part of NATO. Sweden has recognized that there is a growing threat of Swedish security now that Russia has attacked their neighbor and that they would be naive not to adapt to this situation.

Finland has stated that Russia is not the neighbor they thought they were. That the invasion is very severe in nature. Their total assessment into joining NATO will be swift and carefully discussed and planned out.



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