Real Raw News: Promise of Peace in Yemens

Published on 9 April 2022 at 07:02

After eight years of Civil War in Yemen that has killed tens of thousands of people, Rashad al-Alimi (new head of Yemen, internationally recognized) has promised peace.  Their exiled president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has stepped aside being that he is in Ridayh, Saudi Arabia and handed power over to the presidential council led by al-Alimi.

In his first televised speech, Rashad al-Alimi thanked his government's supporters, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emrites; both of which helped the Yemeni fight against the Iran supported Houthi rebels. He suggests a two month long truce much like ones planned in the past that have crumbled. As of right now, they are in a cease fire that was established before the holy month of Ramadan that is meant to last for two months. 

Both sides are making claims that the other has already broken said truce, so we will see how long this truce that is hanging by a thread, lasts. He was also appreciative to the US and the UN in his speech as well, along with everyone who has come to their aid. 

It is insane how little news is reported on this crisis, but things with a long duration tend to slip through the cracks in exchange for more recent content. This is a slow stubborn war, one that has killed 14,500 civilians and 150,000 people combined. It is one of the largest world crisis' that is going on right now. Rashad al-Alimi promises that the presidential council is one of peace, but one of defense and strength as well. 

Let's hope the peace part is the one that is focused on, eight years is a long time to be fighting. It seems as if the Houthi rebels will continue to fight as long as there is more ground to conquer. 


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