Real Raw News: Did Trump Deserve Credit For Making the US A Top Oil Producer?

Published on 2 April 2022 at 13:22

Amongst all the trash news (which you will not find here), Will Smith slaps Chris Rock, Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith reacts to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, and celebrities react to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. The People's Theorem strives to bring you real raw news about topics that matter. One focus is to sift through the political propaganda that is circulated by biased news reporting (by entities such as CNN, Fox News, Newsmax, and MSNBC) and show you facts. Sure, you will find some editorials periodically, but that isn't the focus of this blog/ web mag.

One misconceived notion is that any American president has sole control over our petroleum production. Since 2013 the US has been the top producer of oil and natural gas (which are two of the major proponents of creating petroleum). So why did Trump always claim that he was the reason why we were the world's top producer of oil (and natural gas)? It's good propaganda embraced by the right wing media to rally further support for their political campaigning to stay in power. 

It works, the right wing swayed voters of our population still preaches the "gospel" of Trump. The truth of the matter is, our oil and natural gas production doubled during Obama's presidency (not trying to toot his horn, just bring facts to the table) which is actually a greater percentage of increase than was seen during Trump's presidency. 

The real person behind the increase is the "Father of Fracking", George Mitchell. Who is George Mitchell?  He is a Texas billionaire who developed hydraulic fracturing, an oil and natural gas production technique that is the sole reason why we are able to draw more of these products from the earth faster than any of country. No president can claim such a prestigious distinction (another thing that shows that our politicians repeatedly lie to their people).  



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