Real Raw News: The Great Political Divide

Published on 3 April 2023 at 20:26

With both political parties more divided than ever, many Americans are fed up with it (I'm sure you have witnessed this yourself first-hand in your everyday social interactions, social media, and news media). Conservatives are unwilling to change the course of the country from more traditional and Christian ideals and liberals want to add the acceptance of all walks of life (i.e. LGBTQ). They try to champion women's rights and LGBTQ rights who have seemed to move past the always forgotten civil rights of racial inequality (especially LGBTQ which seems to have punched its way into our everyday lives in recent years faster and more powerful than a Mike Tyson's uppercut). But this is not the focus (probably be the focus in a future article). 


The focus is the great divide between liberals and conservatives that is killing the politics in our country as well as the information in which we see on all the various media outlets. Conservatives take up 36% of the ideological spectrum and liberals a much smaller percentage of 25%. The forgotten ones in politics these days? The moderates (or centrists if you will) take up about 37%. With a higher demographic, why aren't things centered around the moderates? Why do liberals and conservatives get such a big stage? Interesting to ponder, but they are the ones driving the national narrative right now. Tom Suozzi, a former US House of Representative (D) out if New York has been quoted as saying,

"Republicans pander to the far right, Democrats pander to the far left. And that's why there's very little moderation or compromise available."

This is at the heart of the great divide where there is no compromise or identification of common ground. This will either lead to a civil war, constant stalemate, deep partisanship (where only time things get done is when one party controls the whole congress), or a literal split into two countries. It has never been this divided before in our country's history (hence the Great Divide). What can we do to stop this? What are the party leaders and political representatives willing to do to stop this? 


This very well maybe the reason why there are multiple major parties in other democracies all over the planet. It's very hard to be unique and showcase your ability to have the countries best interests in mind within the definitions of only two parties entering into the fold. It is frustrating for many Americans because outside of the two ideologies, no one is taken seriously. There are not only great divides between liberals and conservatives; there is also great divide and "in-fighting" inside the two parties. We need a wider spectrum of ideals because two confined trains of thought are not broad enough to define the human experience or need. 


Our political system needs a deeper resounding solution to properly interpretting the evolving American society but without alienating those who cling to an older more tradition way of life but appeasing to the progressive hearted Americans as well. Our country governs off of majorities and we need to understand this when it comes to the way we expect change within our political system and this doesn't seem to be taken into account in our current processes. Cause currently, the driving forces behind all branches of government have a bit of stubborn personal biases that judge each decision without looking at the data and analyzing what the information means philosophically when it is lined up to our constitution, bill of rights, and other ratified laws. That is where the two political parties have veered to, a system ran by self-belief and not by our law abiding philospohical doctrines. 


Basically, one side is always trying to change something from the past that has been established because of their beliefs and the other group is trying to resend what has been interpreted as different from there beliefs. Difference is not the new enemy, it is common ground because it is never found or part of the focus within our government. Which is why I think a wider variety of interpretations and ideas may very well be our salvation. More trains of thought to keep in check the main two trains of thought which are leading us astray from their origin stories and evolving into something different. I believe we need a right of center, left of center, and center leaning representation rather than just an extreme right and left representation. We need this to be forcefully indoctrinated due to the fact that we will be in a forever stalemate or worse. It's like an M1 Abram; we created it based on ideas and designs. Some of our allies like Israel have upgraded many of it's systems to make it a better overall tank which may have never happened if not going outside the box that which we intended it to be. 




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