New Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: "Last Dayz On Earth" by Saint Feddy prod. by E_Buddha (EP)

Published on 17 August 2022 at 18:12

Decent EP...starts off as a poetic beatless poem on reflection.  Pretty cool way to start it all off, not your cookie cutter beginning. Saint Feddy is very in touch with himself and his experiences. He's got all the aspects of being an ill lyricist; he takes risks (that pay off), good lyrical content, cadence, and rhyme schemes. He spits about stuff that is pretty much relevant for any Hip Hop Head or casual listen. E_Buddha makes dope beats that accompany his poetic lyrical journey concocted out of artistry and creativity. Saint Feddy for sure feels free on a track and unapologetic (he's not the best singer but he makes it work). Check it out!

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