Underground Bandcampers: "Hitler Has Herpes" by Eastside Watergunn

Published on 23 July 2022 at 13:51

Hitler Has Herpes by Eastside Watergunn


This title is just hilarious, it is Tha Soloist playing with words around Westside Gunn and his series Hitler Wears Hermes. Maybe one day we'll find out if it is just a joke using creativity (which I am sure it is, he is this way on his social media platforms) or if he is making fun of the Griselda artist. Either way, each track that has been independently released during the month of July has been fire and I suggest that you check it out! 


These tracks are all done in the well polished tone of a masterful MC in a way that only Tha Soloist knows how to do it. His aggressive lyrical poetics surprise you everytime and give your ears something to add to your playlist. 

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