Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: "The Banquet" EP by BK Bonez & Emerg Da MC

Published on 4 June 2022 at 13:50

BK Bonez & Emerg Da MC "The Banquet" EP


This starts off like Prometheus (fire), with "Subconscious Programming" where Emerg talks about societies "indoctrination" of lies constructed to keep the populous down over haunting samples and a beat on the abstract side of things. It just continues on from there, with a musical journey that is enlightened through the darkness with features from Grave Wax Music's Marz One and Donny G plus a contribution from Dee. An underground lyrical abstract project as a whole that is laid out smoothly within the abstract Hip Hop that continues on for roughly 21 minutes. BK Bonez is definitely one of the most engaging abstract beat creators in the game now, who is masterful in choosing each sound of every composition in this EP.

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