Underground Bandcampers: "Smoking Gun" - An Album by Deca

Published on 3 June 2022 at 12:19

"Smoking Gun" - An Album by Deca (LINK)


This is a serious album by all accounts; themes, delivery, lyrics, production, mixing and mastering.  You can usually tell when someone is serious about their Hip Hop, they usually offer their projects on vinyl (which Smoking Gun is one of those). You can also tell when one consists of that higher-level aspect in their music, your spirit feels like a freshly blazing campfire like the one pictured above. The layout of each track makes sense like a well-thought-out masterpiece. The jazz tones in this project are bliss bringing masterful layers of sound on each song. Deca produces, writes, does the album cover design, and mixed the album. What didn't he do to create this album? It is a MUST to check this out!


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