Underground Bandcampers: "A Man's Worth" by Weaponlord x BoFaat

Published on 3 June 2022 at 09:57

"A Man's Worth" by Weaponlord and Bo Faat

Weaponlord kills this beat with freestyling the whole thing.  It starts off with a windchime and a "Kung Fu" 1972 tv series sample giving warning that some dopeness is about to happen, tiger style. Then he comes in and aggressively murders each snare and bass drum. He had a couple hiccups, but it is produced well and I can appreciate his unapologetic nature to his form of Hip Hop. I love the rawness of this one take gem. Lyrically off the top, he's dope and so are his rhyme schemes. He wants the world to know and he is one hellova Hip Hop "hobbyist".  Check it out!


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