Hip Hop Streaming Discoveries: Stanton Capitol Recordings "Vol. 1"

Published on 4 May 2022 at 22:24

Stanton Capitol Recordings- "Volume 1" on Spotify

This album is just as amazing as anything brought out by the three headed fire spitting Hydra known as Stanton Capitol Recordings that includes; Jafet Muzic, Danny Fantom, and K'Nen. This fire breathing album has beats all created by them (K'Nen in particular) and mixing and mastering as well. In the Underground, it is hard to say that these guys don't have a stronghold over many of their peers.

With top notch overall music performance, not many can touch what these guys have to offer to their listeners. Their lyricism touches on many subjects of urban nature as well as from their hearts in a most humble fashion. They speak about love, family, and struggle in a way that deepens the soul of Hip Hop itself. 

Each song they create and release to the world adds a spark to the fire that is lyrical Hip Hop and the fire is starting to burn much brighter than when Atlanta first took over the rap scene. 

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