Underground Bandcampers: "Coltrain" by K'nen

Published on 3 May 2022 at 16:09

▶︎ COLTRAIN | K'Nen (bandcamp.com)


Big ups on this project, "Coltrain" by K'Nen...it is a deep poetic journey within the embrace of Hip Hop, which can also be cold. The struggle is real and people that don't know the warm and cold embrace of Hip Hop just don't understand. I've heard people talk about how Hip Hop isn't music when it is a child from all forms of music. It just boggles my mind when something like this is created with such depth and poetry over jazz instrumentals with that "tick!" and "tock!" snare, how someone doesn't get drawn in. Maybe one day as I keep sharing these "blood diamonds", y'all will buy one and be married to it forever.  

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