Underground Bandcampers: "Fantom Menace" by Danny Fantom Prod. by Nu Element

Published on 2 May 2022 at 18:43

▶︎ Danny Fantom (bandcamp.com)"Fantom Menace" Prod. by Nu Element


This project is dope with each beat selection, each feature, and every spin and cut of the wax. It is an "Ode to Star Wars" but much more than that, the references are used in a way to tell a story through the observant eyes of Danny Fantom while holding a lightsaber. He may have a bigger catalog to build in order to reach Jedi Master status, but he is definitely a Jedi Knight. The scratches are welded by DJ Manipulator, like a dark force powered death grip. Another great project to come out of the Stanton Capitol Recordings camp. Features from; Jafet Muzic, Laz, D.O.S., Peter McNasty, Giankno, Graffiti Fresh, K'nen, Molly Jane Gain, Nu Element, Griffin, and DrefromtheWoo, all seamlessly dope on each track with Danny Fantom. 

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