Underground Bandcampers: "92" by Jafet Muzic

Published on 1 May 2022 at 10:44

This particular series is aimed at directing your eyes towards Bandcamp, a venue used by the underground to sell their music. When an underground artist sells their music, it is not only for them to make music, it is most importantly used to fund their love for music. They use these funds for studio time, studio equipment, music videos, and the ability to create and/ or be a part of an event (whether it be in town, at a festival, or for a tour). It is extremely difficult to come up with the funds for an artist especially ones with families. They sacrifice money out of their own pockets to bring you the musical and live content that you love, so please support and buy the projects of an artist that you love. 

This will be a post that shines a light on particular projects on Bandcamp that I feel are worthy to share to you. Show them love and check it out!


▶︎ 92 | Jafet Muzic | JAFET (bandcamp.com)


This is Jafet Muzic's 2nd solo project and is quite a needle in a haystack that is covered by the hay of the mainstream music industry. This piece is to bring you the needles, namsayin'? Jafet Muzic paints a picture that is truly Hip Hop, one for the culture. He dropped this album on the day of the birth of Hip Hop, August 11th. In 1973, at 1530 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, the spirit of Hip Hop was founded. Jafet Muzic welds it with masterful lyrical ability with an unbound energy that can only be expressed within his interpretation of his art. He uses his art to lay tracks that talks about life; his struggles, his obervations and his experiences. The beats are layered to cement the foundation around this skyscraper of an album by his own blood, his uncle Big Es of Ruffcutt Productionz. You can tell Hip Hop runs deep within his family, as many of them were included in his skits describing how Jafet grew up around the culture.  Jafet Muzic spits that braille.



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