New Hip Hop Albums 2022: Black Star

Published on 8 April 2022 at 17:08

Two of the dopest MCs to ever grace the earth, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) and Talib Kweli are finally coming out with a new Black Star album, No Fear of Time dropping on May 3rd. The duo chose Madlib to produce the entire album as well! This is great news for Real Hip Hop Heads. 

These two powerhouses have been working together since the late 90s, making their presence was felt on such projects as the Soundbombing series and the Lyricist Lounge series; both released on Rawkus Records. Rawkus Records re-emerged in our consciousness during the "jeen-yuhs" documentary (about different periods in Kanye West's life; one such period, Kanye contemplated joining the list of lyrical heroes on Rawkus Record's line-up). Both larger-than-life MCs have been shattering the earth on each project that they both release. 

For a time, Yasiin turned off the mic for the big screen, being a part of such projects (to name a few) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Italian Job. Up until now (for the past 5-8 years or so), he has been deeply out of the limelight. The presence of his magnum opus, Black on Both Sides, will always be felt for those who lend their ear to listen to it. 

Talib Kweli has been a more active participant in society, coming out with numerous albums as well as being the host of People's Party with Talib Kweli, a podcast that devotes their time to interviewing big names in Hip Hop, Culture, and Politics. He has two main projects that solidified him as being a legend (other than the Black Star album), a solo project, Quality and the joint effort by Talib and the producer Hi-Tek under the group name, Reflection Eternal, Train of Thought. 

These two legends have been a part for 25 years, both going down their own paths colliding to drop verses on each other's projects and other people's projects. To now drop the second installment into their group, Black Star. Very few groups (or duos) showcase the chemistry these two possess. It's seemless and masterful with so much energy that they could power the streets of New York City. Well, I hope you enjoy this album come May 3rd! Peace out!



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