New Underground Hip Hop - Bandcamp Movement: "The French Connection Vol. 3" by M Doc Diego & Masta Conga

Published on 6 September 2023 at 17:03

"Third part of The French Connection series by French producer Masta Conga on production, mastering, and artwork. Features Street Da' Villan, Mike Titan, Diego Dollaz, Alvarez Masterminded, Barbaric, Crotona P, with cuts by GNyce. With Masta Conga's signature style and gritty boom bap. M Doc Diego delivers heavy bar work with special guest features that compliment each song The French Connection Vol. 3 embodies the classic France and Upstate New York chemistry formed by the producer/emcee duo."


Each song is masterful effort of straight artistry. M Doc Diego is one of the dopest out of the underground from New York and he works with some of the best in the game (MCs and producers). He's lyrical and hardcore able to wield his versatile weaponry on the mic. Favorite song: "Bad Company" featuring dope verses by Street Da Villain and Mike Titan (both heavily covered artists on this blog), who make this an all New York track. 


Each beat is tough af  by Masta Conga and he does a great job connecting old classic sounds with a new Boom Bap Hip Hop styles that permeate from the streets in this current new movement in Hip Hop that heavily uses Bandcamp to distribute their musical creations. I haven't felt a movement come of Boom Bap this strong since the early 00s. I think what is different than any other movement that has come from Boom Bap is that they are building a community that has created unity through respect and common goals of bringing out the best music possible. I call them Bandcampers and Neo Boom Bap is the genre (ya heard?), because they deserve their own era as they stay true to the culture. Don't miss out on this new duo cut!

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