New Underground Hip Hop - Bandcamp Movement: "ArticulatedTexTiles" by Video Dave X Controller 7

Published on 13 August 2023 at 10:53

"What began in January 2022 as an idea to maybe do a couple songs or an EP quickly became a full length project with the only stated guideline being a shared love for Prince Paul and the Native Tongues movement. Dave -traveling constantly for work and music tours- visited no less than 60 cities in 10 different countries while working on the album, while Controller 7 kept a steady supply of beats in Dave’s inbox. Controller 7 suggested prompts when he had them, or tried sampling things Dave suggested. The trove of beats allowed Dave to pick and choose from an outsized variety of beats and go wherever he wanted sonically. The album became all kinds of different things, travel reflections, personal mantras, letters to self, and fun with words- all held together by Dave's point of view, and Controller 7’s unpredictable sounds. Dave tells a story of Prince Paul casually, saying if he and Mike would have been around back in the Native Tongue days that they would have been in the crew.

This album is the album that comes out of Dave visiting that dream world and making a project that can somehow fit in the family of his favorites." --from Bandcamp description.


This dude, Video Dave is a straight up artist and lyricist and Controller 7 makes a dope soundscape. They are crazy,  It is a bond, like Gorilla Glue which makes sense because they helped each other make the whole concept of this album. It is an artistic revelation and he sometimes just rambles about what he's doing and thinking and it is fun to just listen to this project. It has good vibes and you can tell this dude is a workaholic, he never stops working. It also features Open Mike Eagle, MC Paul Barman, IowaRockwell, CRAVE, SmokeBonita, Dessa, STILLRIFT, Ari The Indigo, and SurfboardC. It's not surprising that someone comes out with such a positive ode to Native Tongues, they were so big in the Hip Hop game coming out with such a huge movement with such unity under a giant artistic umbrella. The features seem to run with and embrace this very same focus as Native Tongue, I bet Phife Dawg is looking down saying, "I see you." nahmean? Both these dudes are on my radar now. Expect more articles touching on what these guys do.

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