New Hip Hop Music Videos 2023: "Follow My Lead" Taiyamo Denku ft. Fredro Starr prod. by Bo Faat

Published on 9 August 2023 at 16:09

These two Hip Hop giants collide with the beat by Bo Faat and create an explosion of masterful sound. The production, mixing, and mastering is as good as anyone in the game (higher level shit). The lyrical content is also top notch, with Hip Hop pioneers Taiyamo Denku and Fredro Starr on the track-- it's not a surprise. They are both tough and can't be tested, I know these two have mad respect for eachother being labelmates and all. Taiyamo is an underrated MC from Wisconsin that 100 Mad fave him love and a contract as well as work in mixing and mastering, they collab a lot, and do live shows a lot. Both these dudes put in the work. I told Taiyamo Denku that shit would be different for him if he was from New York but his hustle has brought him a lot of respect. He has put Wisconsin on the map with Cyphaden Music. Don't sleep, seriously. Check it out!


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